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No money, No love!

heaven-and-earth-copyThe best of classic rock returns with Heaven & earth's “no money, No love"

Rock and roll is dead.” For years, critics and skeptics alike have been trying to convince us all that rock music is hanging on by a thread, barely treading water in a sea of auto-tuned pop drivel and homogenized hip-hop. But it does bring up a cogent question: is there a place for rock and roll—real rock music, where songwriting and musicianship are at the forefront—in today’s fast-food world of disposable divas and instant downloads?
The answer, unequivocally, is yes. You just might have to look a little harder to find it.


dj hinder-song“Ladies Come First”

What would rock music be without the sexual innuendo and double entendre? Come on, we all love songs about sex. Usually, though, they’re from the guy’s perspective. But with Hinder’s “Ladies Come First,” it’s an ode to the sexy girls getting ready for a Friday night clubbing, drinking, dancing on the bar and getting wild.  And, of course, there’s the double entendre—when she’s being a bad girl, she want’s a guy that’s gonna give her what she doesn’t get at home. “You’re gonna slip that shot and put your ring in your purse ‘cause tonight, ladies come first.” Now what dancer can’t identify with that?!
The StripJoints CD is included for free with your copy of Club Bulletin, and is intended for your club’s DJ.

Stack$ and Trina

dj stacks“Don’t Kiss Deez Hoez”

If “Don’t Kiss Deez Hoez” by Stack$ and Trina doesn’t find its way onto the regular playlists of such urban adult clubs as King of Diamonds in Miami, Magic City in Atlanta, Onyx in Philadelphia or Sin City in the Bronx, something has gone seriously cray-cray (sorry, couldn’t resist!). The track is a not-so-subtle nod to the girls that you wouldn’t want to kiss ... but if they want to kiss you (ahem ...), it’s all good.  But turnabout is fair play, as Trina offers the female perspective on the guys that haven’t earned anything except a quick trip “down south.” Kiss at your own risk!

The Ex-girlfriends

dj exgirlfriends“We are the Party”

Before this party, Lupe Fuentes, frontgirl of the fish-netted, glam-smash The Ex-girlfriends, was an adult film star and popular feature entertainer.  By appearing as more than just a party in someone’s pants now (and following in the footsteps of Traci Lords who reinvented her notoriety for fleeting dancefloor fame, too), Fuentes and four other, rather indistinguishable back-up brunettes “formed” The Ex-girlfriends, a sugar-high Spice Girls for those who buy bedazzled lip gloss and find LMFAO’s lyrics too obtuse.  Strip club DJs know a few of those, so prepare to play this per their request. Remember, they are the party...THEY ARE THE PARTY!  We are witnesses.


dj buckcherry“Gluttony”

From cocaine to crazy bitches, the Buckcherry boys do everything in excess. In “Gluttony,” the first single off their forthcoming Confessions album, Buckcherry’s brand of hard rock celebrates what life is like when moderation isn’t a factor. Taut, fast and hyperactive, “Gluttony” is standard ‘Cherry with all the kick of an aged Kentucky bourbon.  Since Buckcherry has proven to live the lifestyle they sing about, “Gluttony” is a welcome track from a band who would be welcome inside any strip club.


dj pitbull“Don’t Stop the Party“

You can refer to him as Mr. 305 or Mr. Worldwide, but don’t ever label Pitbull a balladeer. Miami’s own party starter is back with yet another club killer, demanding everyone to prance and shout until they pass out.  Again, Pit is all about momentum. Sure, it’s one-dimensional and superficial but, goddamn it all, if the dude doesn’t make the dead get up and dance their brains out, too (well, what’s left of them at least).  “Don’t Stop the Party,” from the singer’s seventh studio LP, Global Warming, will be comfortable in your club’s nightly rotation, while pushing Pitbull higher as pop music’s master of ceremonies.

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