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frenchFrench Montana


Like so many new rappers who’ve been led down the primrose path of hype, French Montana wants to be known as the next big thing.  The man, himself, is different—name another Moroccan rapper—but his style and story is habitual hip hop. Mix tape hustler makes good, signs to Bad Boy, readies major label album. Check, check and check. But with “Freaks,” the second track off his debut Excuse My French, Montana once again gets overshadowed by the guest vocal (this time by Nicki Minaj), the sample (Chaka Demus and Plier’s reggae classic “Murder She Wrote”) and the commonplace ass worship theme. Like Montana’s previous released single “Pop That,” it’s all booty and bass filler.  But hey, the girls will like it.

A star is born?

 EDAnishkaA Tootsie’s Cabaret waitress proves to be much more when she gives DJ Platypus her song, “The Drug”

When you work at a club the size of Tootsie’s Cabaret (90,000 total square feet), you meet a lot of people, especially staff. I was approached by one of our waitresses earlier this month and had this exchange: Waitress: “Hey, I really like the music you play. I am an aspiring artist and I think my song fits into your style.”

there's no party like a PANDA PARTY!

opening-night2Adult club DJs set to throw pre-EXPO party at the new Sapphire pool

The Opening Night Party was my favorite experience at last year’s EXPO. There were droves of industry people having a blast, but as it was my first EXPO experience ever, I was really looking for all the DJs that were in attendance because there were a few faces I really wanted to put with names. Wouldn’t you know it, every time I ran into a feature there were at least two DJs having a conversation and telling stories while rounding up shots and taking in the moment.

No money, No love!

heaven-and-earth-copyThe best of classic rock returns with Heaven & earth's “no money, No love"

Rock and roll is dead.” For years, critics and skeptics alike have been trying to convince us all that rock music is hanging on by a thread, barely treading water in a sea of auto-tuned pop drivel and homogenized hip-hop. But it does bring up a cogent question: is there a place for rock and roll—real rock music, where songwriting and musicianship are at the forefront—in today’s fast-food world of disposable divas and instant downloads?
The answer, unequivocally, is yes. You just might have to look a little harder to find it.


dj hinder-song“Ladies Come First”

What would rock music be without the sexual innuendo and double entendre? Come on, we all love songs about sex. Usually, though, they’re from the guy’s perspective. But with Hinder’s “Ladies Come First,” it’s an ode to the sexy girls getting ready for a Friday night clubbing, drinking, dancing on the bar and getting wild.  And, of course, there’s the double entendre—when she’s being a bad girl, she want’s a guy that’s gonna give her what she doesn’t get at home. “You’re gonna slip that shot and put your ring in your purse ‘cause tonight, ladies come first.” Now what dancer can’t identify with that?!
The StripJoints CD is included for free with your copy of Club Bulletin, and is intended for your club’s DJ.

Stack$ and Trina

dj stacks“Don’t Kiss Deez Hoez”

If “Don’t Kiss Deez Hoez” by Stack$ and Trina doesn’t find its way onto the regular playlists of such urban adult clubs as King of Diamonds in Miami, Magic City in Atlanta, Onyx in Philadelphia or Sin City in the Bronx, something has gone seriously cray-cray (sorry, couldn’t resist!). The track is a not-so-subtle nod to the girls that you wouldn’t want to kiss ... but if they want to kiss you (ahem ...), it’s all good.  But turnabout is fair play, as Trina offers the female perspective on the guys that haven’t earned anything except a quick trip “down south.” Kiss at your own risk!

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