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The industry gives back!

dj tony-patrickWhen Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeast, area adult businesses stepped up

We have all have our own horror stories of what people on the “outside” like to say about those of us who work in the adult entertainment industry.  What we don’t hear them talking about—and what we virtually never hear on the news—is how the industry can be excellent at grouping together and giving a helping hand to those who really need it.

Ladies Come First

dj HinderHinder pens one for the girls with the party-time rocker, “Ladies Come First

For guys getting pumped up to head out on a Friday or Saturday night of partying, there are a myriad of great rock bands and songs to set the mood. Whether you start in the ‘70s with Zeppelin, KISS, Skynyrd or ZZ Top, or the ‘80s with Van Halen, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Def Leppard or Guns ‘N’ Roses (I know Halen and AC/DC started in the ‘70s, let’s not get hung up on semantics...), or even the ‘90s & 2000s with Nickelback, Kid Rock, Disturbed, Buckcherry and others, there’s something for every dude from every demographic.

There's a new planet in the solar system!

planet-1The website and radio show takes a “Howard Stern Show” approach  to covering the adult nightclub industry from the insider’s point of view.

You won’t find Planet Platypus in a chart of the solar system, and you can’t see it through even the most powerful telescope. You won’t find Planet Platypus in outer space—instead, you’ll find them in cyberspace. is a website and the industry’s newest form of audio “entertainment” for the adult industry. The best way to describe Planet Platypus? It’s a Howard Stern-style radio show for the adult nightclub industry.



“Dirty Motel”

Cheap sex in questionable places is par for the course when you’re an up-and-coming rock band. Knowing this, Longreef lifts liberally from the write-what-you-know hard rock handbook to scribble something not unlike those songs that have all been in this situation before.  The difference? The Longreef boys just sound really (really) nice about it all.  Whereas the lyrics by Motley Crue—or even Nickelback—are rather dick-ish about groupie love, Longreef at least say thanks as they pass the post-coital washcloth.

Pop That!

Pop-ThatFrench Montana

“Pop That”

Although his name sounds like he stole it from the dude ranch just south of Brokeback Mountain, French Montana’s “Pop That” finds itself perfectly at home inside your club (especially if you’re located within Dade County).  Trust us, if you haven’t spun this yet, watch your floor tremble once you do.   Like it or not, with guest verses from Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross and a sample from Luther Campbell, this is a canticle for strip clubs.

50 Cent

timthumb50 Cent

“First Date”

Since he’s moved on to the greener pastures of product pitchman and thespian for hire, it isn’t hard to call 50 Cent’s “First Date” a comeback record.  Forgoing another co-starring role with Val Kilmer, 50 (that’s, Fitty) returns to your club with the same kind of thump and thug sensitivity on “First Date” as can be found on his past bangers, “Candy Shop,” “21 Questions” and “Just a Lil’ Bit.” This time, Too Short makes an appearance, so you know the track’s pimp hand is strong.  Good to have you back, Mr. Cent; it’s like you never left.

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