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Punk rockers who love soul music

THE-DUKESAfter years of living the rock star life in France,

Francois “Shanka” Maigret and Greg Jacks brought their talents to the U.S. in the form of the rock band THE DUKES

As a musician in the mid 2000s, Greg Jacks had arrived. As a member of French pop-rock band, Superbus, Jacks was part of a group that won a French Grammy and an MTV Europe Music Award.

But prior to the glitz and glamor of Superbus, Jacks had met Francois “Shanka” Maigret in 2004 when they were approached about joining another French band, No One is Innocent. The itch to play with Maigret hadn’t left Jacks who in 2010 shot Maigret an email seeing what was up.

Swimming pools, cover bands and serendipity

17chrysalis 1— the genesis of Chrysalis

The band’s uptempo track “My Eternity” finds its way on the latest installment of StripJointsMusic
story by Eugenio Torrens of ED Publications

Vocalist Yessi Burton was visiting his hometown of Barstow, California in 2002 for a two-week trip. The day before he was due to fly back to Colorado, Burton happened to meet drummer Billy Norris at a community pool where there was a local band playing covers of bands like System of a Down and Pantera. Burton was singing along when Norris heard him.

“Smoke Weed, Eat Pussy,” she says

angie-smoke-weed-eat-pussy-official-vid-2Sweden’s self-proclaimed “Lil Weed Hoe” Ängie stirs controversy with her autobiographical, trap-heavy track

Sweden, a Scandinavian nation with thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, is known as much for its Viking ancestry as it is for its wealth of popular heavy metal (Opeth, Ghost, etc.) and black metal (Marduk, Bathory, etc.) bands. But of course, there’s a lot more to Sweden than its pagan history and corpse-paint-wearing musicians. The antithesis to all of that is Ängie, an attractive, slim, young blonde girl who looks as innocent as the first snow of a Swedish winter.

Well, she’s not that innocent. Those looks belie a devil-may-care attitude, one that led her to write the controversial track, “Smoke Weed, Eat Pussy.” The song was described by one writer as “a rebellious anthem that finds Ängie dropping bars over trap heavy production” and “hip-hop for the internet generation.” However it’s described, with a title like that, what adult club DJ wouldn’t have dancers (and customers) clamoring to hear it again and again? That’s exactly why “Smoke Weed, Eat Pussy” is available for free for club DJs via

Heart of War

message from_sylviaMessage From Sylvia brings the “Heart of War” to a strip club near you

Edgy riffs meet melody with the band’s new track, featured on

Three brothers supply the music, Matthew Nevitt supplies the voice. Though they hail from different backgrounds, the members of Message From Sylvia found an immediate chemistry working together. That chemistry is already producing a combustible mix of explosive energy with the heavy yet melodic first single “Heart Of War.” The track is already climbing the charts of Active Rock radio nationwide.

Destructo and Problem

destructo 1prove to have the “Winning” combination

Collaboration featured on the brand new installment of StripJointsMusic

If there was a “hall of fame” for EDM and house music, Gary Richards—aka, Destructo—would be in it. He is a 25-year veteran of the genre, and is one of the founders of the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), arguably the biggest electronic music dance festival in the world. He was handpicked by legendary record producer and founder of Def Jam/Def American Recordings, Rick Rubin, to head the company’s Electronic music division, where Richards would develop such acts as Lords of Acid and God Lives Underwater. He went on to form his own record labels (Nitrus Records and 1500 Records), and in 2007 launched HARD Events, a concert brand which puts on popular EDM festivals. 

Blame it on Beckham

beckham-thesourceHot off his latest club hit, “Birthday Bitch,” ED Publications speaks with with Def Jam’s newest artist, Trap Beckham.

Once the 2 Live Crew told the Florida judiciary to go fuck itself back in 1989, the Sunshine State has introduced a syndicate of notable hip-hop artists that have broke through to the mainstream. With beginnings in Dade County’s bass scene and incubated from countless nights inside local strip clubs, the “Dirty South” sound was devised and devoured. While the genre quickly spread to other cities with their indigenous variations (New Orleans, Houston and of course, Atlanta) the rowdy, bass-heavy, hyper-sexual sound—and it’s artists—were mainly calling the 305 home base.

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