May 2012 Club Bulletin



While the EXPO 2012 Agenda had already been announced, the May issue revealed much of the information that EXPO attendees were waiting for.  In this issue, detailed articles on all EXPO workshops and seminars are included, highlighted by guest speaker and bar expert Chris Lenahan, author of "The Little Black Bar Book" who will be providing the "Wow Factor" presentation on Tuesday, August 28th.  There is also a full-page article for each workshop, including "The Do's and Don'ts of Twitter and Facebook" (social media marketing), "How Football Can Save Your Club" (sports promotions), "It's Time to Face the Music" (DJ debate) and "Design on a Dime" (club renovations for less than $10,000).  And for a taste of what you can expect from our three "State of the Union" keynote speakers—Michael J. Peter, Joe Redner and John Gray—we've selected a few of their most incendiary statements from previous Expos and Club Bulletin articles.

 On the cover: Alpha Pattered Carpet signals a new beginning for Kristin Messick
The industry vet recently announced her newest venture, which provides her with an even greater opportunity to better serve her "favorite" customers: adult nightclub owners.

 Mainstage Focus on Dancewear: Honey, I think you're experiencing a wardrobe malfunction!
In this multi-page Focus on Dancewear, ED Club Bulletin columnist Jennifer McCumber of explains the importance of quality dancewear and the direct impact it can have on a dancer's income, while Penny Dombrowski of dancewear manufacturer Blue Orchid Exoticwear laments the decline in dancer appearance at adult clubs and what those club owners can do about it.  And don't miss hot photos from 11 top dancewear manufacturers!

 Renovation Profile: Exit 1991, Enter 2012
Thee Dollhouse in Tampa celebrates their 20th anniversary with a nearly $1 million renovation.

 "Looking on a woman with lust is the same as committing adultery ...
In this second excerpt from Dr. Judith Lynne Hanna's book "Naked Truth: Strip Clubs, Democracy and a Christian Right," Hanna discusses the Christian Right's attitude toward sex and lust, and why those attitudes affect their view toward adult nightclubs.

 The DJ Booth: If your dancers have "The Look," let 'em know with the new tune from Candlelight Red!
The Roxette classic gets a new spin from the rock 'n' roll quartet on the brand new StripJoints CD for club DJs.

 As seen on Facebook:  Is "dubstep" the worst thing that's happened to the music in your club?
Industry jocks and others voice their opinion on this new music trend.

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