It's the last issue before EXPO 2015, and we celebrated our upcoming ED Award by announcing the complete list of nominees! Congratulations to all of those who received nominations in 2015! Who will win? You'll have to attend the 18th Annual ED Awards Show at the Civic Theatre in New Orleans on August 25th to find out!
Our July issue also showcased coverage of the EDI East contest, held May 28-30 at Fantasies Nightclub in Baltimore. Congratulations to the Division Winners, which included Christina Aguchi, Lisa Licious and Natasha Nova! The EDI East coverage also includes a shout-out to the "warrior" known as Chelsea La Vone. Read the article to find out more!
On the cover of the July issue, we feature a new company that features a familiar name and face. Industry veteran Warren Cato of Turnkey ATM Solutions (formerly Cabe & Cato) has unveiled Club Control Systems, the ONE system that can CONTROL virtually every system in an adult club, including POS, dance tracking, merchant processing, chargeback protection, dance dollars, VIP dances, tax reporting, human resources and more! 
Here's what else you'll find in the July issue of Club Bulletin!

Confirmed EXPO 2015 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Legally speaking: Reigniting the debate on the employee v. independent contractor issue

Renovations: It’s time to get rid of that runway stage!

Do You Really Know ... Jason Mohney?!

EXPO's Opening Night Pub Crawl Feature Performances

Penthouse Club’s EXPO Masquerade Party

Tim Kirkland: Who works for whom?

Defining today’s bartender 

ACE chapter forms in Georgia

Cool Products 

Club Hopping 

 DJ Top 20 and gear tips 

From the desk of ED Publications

And much more!

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