It's the issue you've been waiting for: the post-EXPO coverage issue! Our cover story highlights the feature booking agency Centerfold Features (aka Centerfold Strips), who counts ED's 2015 Entertainer of the Year Roxi D'Lite among the 200-plus features, reality stars, novelty performers and many more that they book nationally and internationally! There's also a supplemental "how-to" story on booking feature entertainers (they're not as expensive as you'd think!), as well as a profile on Ms. D'Lite that you don't want to miss!

Do you want more? Of course you do!  Here's what else you'll find in the November issue!

• 50-plus pages of EXPO 2015 coverage, including literally HUNDREDS of convention photos from the Opening Night Bourbon Street Pub Crawl, the Steamboat Party on the Creole Queen, the EXPO Tradeshow, the closing shindig (sponsored by Penthouse NOLA) inside Harrah's and much more!

• ED's 2015 Award Winners listed, as well as show photos of all Entertainer of the Year nominees!

• EXPO 2015 seminar coverage!
• EXPO poll and your EXPO 2015 comments!
• Gear pick for club DJs and PANDA Top 20 songs!
• Bitter break-up leads to new life for the 'Ryche!
And much more!

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