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EXOTIC DANCER Invitationals Consent Form
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  • Note: Pasties that cover the areola and g-strings/bottoms that are at least one-inch wide are required at the EDI-East/Cleveland contest; For the EDI-West/Los Angeles contest, T-back thongs must be at least two inches wide all the way down the backside (no mesh or see through material of any kind).

  • Exotic Dancer Invitational TERMS

    1. At the time of the EXOTIC DANCER Invitational (EDI) contest I am 18 years of age or older.

    2. I will perform a talent show of no more than 15 minutes (no less than 10) in length and provide music for my show, and I will perform topless.

    3. I understand that I will be judged by my overall performance, beauty, personality, costuming and talent.

    4. I understand that cash prizes will be awarded to the “Showgirl” division winner and First Runner-Up, as well as the “Newcomer” division winner. I further understand that I will not be paid for any performance or appearance made in connection with this contest.

    5. As a contestant and/or winner, I hereby agree and consent to the taking pictures during my stage performance or at any time during the duration of the contest. I understand that these photos may be used for publication in ED Publications’ magazines and websites, and or in the magazines/websites of assigned industry photographers. I understand that a request for exemption from, or failure to comply with, the aforementioned will be just cause for my disqualification from the contest and forfeiture of any and all titles and/or prizes derived from the contest.

    6. I clearly understand and agree that certain public appearances and interviews may be arranged with TV, newspapers, radio stations and magazines, and I shall be available for same and I agree to fully participate in same.

    7. I understand that the contest will be judged, and decisions of the judges will be final, and I hereby release ED PUBLICATIONS and the establishment at which the EDI contest is being held from all liability in connection with my failure the contest or place as a runner up.

    8. I understand that if alleged improprieties regarding the EDI or contestants are brought to the attention of the judges or to the employees, managers or contestants of the EDI, it may be necessary to investigate the allegations. Any such investigation may involve discussion between the complainant, contestant, EDI or representatives and other individuals involed with the EDI who have a need to know the nature of the allegations and results of the investigations. I hereby consent to investigation and discussion regarding any alleged improprieties regarding my participation in the EXOTIC DANCER Invitational (EDI).

    9. I understand and agree that violation of the contest rules or rules of the club may result in disqualification.

    You must agree to these terms to compete.
  • By submitting this application to enter the EXOTIC DANCER Invitationals. I declare that all information I have supplied on this form to be true. In the event that any information proves to be untrue, the EXOTIC DANCER Invitational will have the right to disqualify me at any time during the contest without prior notice to me. I agree to abide by the contest rules as outlined above, and on the supplement rules sheet that I will sign upon reading.

  • You must be over 18 years of age to compete.
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