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TO CLUB OPERATORS: If you liked or disliked a Special Focus, or if you have suggestions on Special Focuses we should do in the future, please email your comments to Associate Publisher Dave Manack at  or call him at (727) 726-3592.

TO INDUSTRY VENDORS: We will only be doing a Special Focus on a specific industry topic or market segment once every two years, so if we are targeting an area that you work in, we encourage you to get involved now in that Special Focus.  Don’t miss this opportunity where we are focusing the eyes of the entire industry on what you do.  Contact Lacy Empkey or Kris Kay in our Marketing Department at or by calling (727) 726-3592.

*Although the entertainers at many adult nightclubs are treated and classified as independent contractors, for editorial purposes, we will include entertainers in the "staff" category of our Special Focuses.

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 March Focus 2016  May Focus 2016 July Focus 2016 
2016-ED-March-Entertainer 2016-ED-May-Digital 2016-ED-July-Fraud-Focus
 September Focus 2016 November Focus 2016  January Focus 2017
2016-ED-September-EXPO 2016-ED-November-Beverage 2017-ED-January-Money


Click the image to enlarge each Special Focus that we have for 2014. You can also download the pdf if you would like.

Jan 2015 March 2015 May 2015 July 2015 Sept 2015 Nov 2015
ED-Jan-focus-2015 ED-march-focus-2015 ED-may-focus-2015 ED-july-focus-2015 ED-sept-focus-2015 ED-nov-focus-2015
 download pdf  download pdf  download pdf  download pdf  download pdf  download pdf

pdficon2You also can download the entire Media Kit by clicking the pdf image


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