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Preparing for a violent incident

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Nightclub Security Consultants’ Robert Smith details five specific steps that club owners and staff should take before, during and after a violent incident.
Violent Crime. The odds are truly in your favor that you will never become a victim or even a witness to a violent crime. These low odds hold true for our immediate family, friends and our casual acquaintances. And, if you think about it, it seems that violent crime seems to only affect someone else, someone we see on television or read about online.

ATMs in 2017:

National-link-photoYou, the terminal owner, will be responsible for all fraudulent charges if your ATMs are not EMV compliant.”

Christopher Tran of NationalLink explains why your club HAS to address the EMV chip in 2017, and what you need to do today to avoid a financial disaster.

Every adult nightclub in the United States has at least one ATM. We all know that. The reasons for having ATMs are obvious: they give patrons the opportunity to withdraw cash, they create an opportunity for more sales, the list goes on and on. We all know that as well. Let’s be frank, you’ve heard the spiel before. So what, if anything, can possibly be new in the ATM industry?

Who you gonna call?

sp gonna call Who you gonna call?

Need a product or service for your club? If so, may we suggest you first call one of the vendors below who took the time to promote their offerings at EXPO 2016. They’ve shown their commitment to earning your business, so please give them the first shot at your business!

How to evaluate,

TA may16 0and get the most from, your managers and club staff

Veteran manager Brian Parselli examines each area of club staff, explains their role in the club’s overall success, and offers tips on how to evaluate and motivate your managers and employees.
Do you have the right person in every position of your staff? What exactly is the right person for the right job?

Using CPU to evaluate ROI

marketing-plans2When it comes to tracking your club’s marketing efforts—your ROI (return on investment), the three most important letters you need to know are CPU: Cost Per Unit. What is CPU, and how can you track it? Ross Yamashita of explains.

Club owners and management are inundated with marketing avenues available to them to attract more guests. When speaking to them, I’ll always ask what their most effective marketing campaign is. I usually get a quick, confident answer. Unfortunately, in many cases, their perception of successful campaigns is based on a snapshot of what they see while they’re at the club or what management “recalls.”

15 Tips for becoming a

employee-flow-chart great leader in your club

If you’re grooming a new manager or looking to be a better leader, bar and nightclub expert Bob Johnson has a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to being the boss.

A bar manager asked me recently if I had any suggestions for becoming a better leader. The person asking me was “thrown” into a management position because he was really good at what he was doing previously. It was “assumed” he must have the abilities to be a good manager because of his previous great work performance. In other words, he got promoted to his “level of incompetence.”

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