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RebeccaAvalon“dress for success”

What separates an amazing stage set from an average one is the ability for the entertainer to set herself apart from others by making her routine unique, memorable and thoroughly engaging from beginning to end. Stripping is a much more competitive industry than it used to be. In addition to improving her customer service skills and a positive mindset, adding a creative edge to her stage set may be just the thing needed to increase profits, make repeat customers and experience more customers willing to throw in the extra cash for a lap dance.

For entertainers who want to transform an average stage set into a truly profitable performance, consider incorporating costumes and props to stimulate customers’ imaginations, as well as their wallets.

Dress it up
Costumes are the obvious go-to addition to any routine, as every dancer knows that a successful stage set is one in which you have your customers’ attention from the moment you walk on stage. Plus, with a familiar persona you can play with your customers’ expectations and the conventions associated with your chosen persona.
For example, you can dress up as a sexy teacher and proceed to “school” your customers on the right way to work the pole. Plus, with a little imagination, traditional teacher accessories like chalk and laser pointers can easily be transformed into accessories. Or be the naughty nurse of every guy’s dreams and wow them with your knowledge of the human anatomy.
To choose the right costume, you’ll want to brainstorm the different kinds of themes you can work into your set. Adult stores have made it easy with tons of sexy costumes to peruse. Even a simple masquerade mask can add just a touch of sultry mystery to your regular routine.

Keep them guessing
Equally effective at spicing up your stage set is adding fun props to your act. Like a costume, adding a prop to your routine opens up a whole new world of playful opportunities. From feather boas and fans to hats and ties, there are countless and simple-to-use props you can incorporate.
For instance, try walking onto stage with a red toolbox or a dainty toy chest and setting it in the middle of the stage. Proceed to work the stage as normal, every once in a while approaching then retreating from the box, toying with your customers’ growing anticipation for the big reveal. Inside could be just about anything—feather duster, duct tape, leather whip or good old-fashioned nipple tassels—that you can later work into your routine to highlight whichever theme you’re going for. After all, just as important as the props themselves is the way you keep your customers guessing at what you have hidden in there.
Even a simple chair can be wildly effective. features a professional dancer’s guide to chair work inspired by burlesque dancing. Again, the idea is to get your customers’ imaginations going, wondering what you’re going to do next.
Rebecca Avalon was a top-earning club entertainer for 15 years. She stripped her way to a rich retirement in 2012, and currently runs a medical business in Dallas, TX. She also shares her insight on how to “strip and grow rich’ by teaching entertainers how to do the same on her blog and website

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