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OTTtwowaystreet1of successful feature bookings—and re-bookings

As one of the industry’s most well-known features, Lisa Ann knows what it takes to enjoy a successful booking in the club, and how features can turn that successful booking into re-bookings.
Every club, every feature entertainer and every feature booking agency wants a feature booking to be successful in every possible way—lots of fans through the door, great feature shows, great camaraderie between the feature, club staff and entertainers, and at the end, a resounding, “We can’t wait to have you back!” But what does it take to get from point A—the booking—to point B, the re-booking? What factors will make that initial booking a success?
In the latest installment of her “Now Featuring” column, well-known touring feature Lisa Ann offers her advice on how she and the club staff worked together to create a successful booking for everyone involved, and the keys to securing a re-booking.

ED: When you first started featuring, did you encounter any “typical” in-club issues related to your feature shows, and how did you learn to address those issues so that they were no longer a problem for you?
LISA ANN: There are many things we learn through experience, but the most simple is good communication.  When a feature arrives at the club, the more time she makes to discuss her do’s and don’t’s will make the week more comfortable and fun for everyone. I printed everything I would need the DJ to know, including lighting, giveaways, hand signals from stage, and my bio. I carried many copies in case the notes got lost and I found that simple extra step made life on the road much easier.

ED: Many features complain about the club DJ; that they aren’t helpful, play the wrong songs, announce credits incorrectly, etc. In your experience, what’s they key to getting on the same page with the club DJ so that those issues don’t occur? And if they do, how have you resolved them?
LISA ANN: The biggest issue with some club DJs is they tend to look at the time when the feature is on stage as a time to socialize with the house girls. There were so many times I looked at the DJ booth and couldn’t get his attention because of this situation. It is important you explain to the DJ that you will be needing his focus during the show and that you will be giving him a tip at the end of the booking. Money motivates! The tip will reflect the attention the DJ paid to the feature shows.

ED: If you could relay one piece of advice to all club owners/operators as it relates to feature bookings, what would it be?
LISA ANN: Dear Club Owners: We, as feature entertainers, put our lives aside to travel to come to entertain your customers at your clubs. The hotel is the first step in the amount of respect you have for the feature entertainer. When we are put in, let’s say, a Marriott, we not only have room service, but we have a gym and we feel safe in a comfortable, clean hotel. The amount of motivation we will have is unlimited when we can have these comforts. It may be an extra $30-$50 a night, but in the big picture we all know that is really not much to spend. As you know I love being on the roads and having fun with my fans, but the hotel battle became too much. I would probably have featured for another year or so if things were different. If I could offer you one big piece of advice, this would be it!

ED: In your experience, what are the keys to getting re-booked? What steps can features take to up their re-bookings?
lisa-ann-headshotLISA ANN: The keys for a feature entertainer to get re-booked are pretty simple. As fun as it may be, being a feature entertainer is a job. With that said, take it seriously; don’t spend your bookings drinking and partying. You can do all of that on you free time. Take that time and connect with your fans, the club customers, the club staff and management. This can make your rebooking so much more fun, as you establish good, respectful relationships, you can really look forward to going back to the clubs and reconnecting with everyone again. Also make that time I mentioned in the past to really work your social media and thank your fans for coming to see you. Without them, there is no re-booking!

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