ATMs in 2017:

National-link-photoYou, the terminal owner, will be responsible for all fraudulent charges if your ATMs are not EMV compliant.”

Christopher Tran of NationalLink explains why your club HAS to address the EMV chip in 2017, and what you need to do today to avoid a financial disaster.

Every adult nightclub in the United States has at least one ATM. We all know that. The reasons for having ATMs are obvious: they give patrons the opportunity to withdraw cash, they create an opportunity for more sales, the list goes on and on. We all know that as well. Let’s be frank, you’ve heard the spiel before. So what, if anything, can possibly be new in the ATM industry?

In terms of protecting your cash, your assets, and your business, a lot. Imagine that you, the club owner, are hard at work, monitoring your bouncers, bartenders, dancers, and your surveillance. It’s a busy night, as usual; patrons are coming in and out, buying drinks, buying dances, frequenting your ATMs. Everything seems on the up and up until you’re hit with a chargeback weeks later. This situation is all too familiar for most club owners. In fact, a recent, high-profile case probably caught your attention when disgraced NBA point guard Gilbert Arenas was investigated for credit card fraud: the athlete foolishly bragged about withdrawing $80K from ATMs in strip clubs, spending half, then disputing the transaction the following day. He claimed on social media that he would get the transactions reversed and keep the other half he didn’t spend, essentially robbing clubs of tens of thousands of dollars.
Not every chargeback is going to be as costly, nor as publicized, as this. That doesn’t negate the reality that these disputes are time-consuming and downright maddening, however. In fact, because of new industry regulations, disputes are about to get even more frustrating: You, the terminal owner, will be responsible for all fraudulent charges if your ATMs are not EMV compliant.
Let that last sentence sink in.

EMV in 2017: What you need to know

In short, EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, and is the global standard. When banks started to issue new cards with microchips embedded on the face of them, they were switching to a safer, more secure process of doing transactions. This is possible because every transaction made using the new cards creates a unique identifying number that cannot be replicated. So, if someone were to try and clone the information on that card, the next transaction on an EMV compliant terminal would simply be declined.
On October 21, 2016, MasterCard declared that it is no longer financially responsible for fraudulent charges incurred on all non-EMV compliant ATMs. MasterCard is roughly 20% of the industry. In 2017, Visa, American Express and Discover will be following suit. That is why, for 2017, the most important thing you can do is protect yourself from fraudulent charges and make your machines EMV compliant.
The best way to safeguard your business is through an ATM company that is prepared to deal with the EMV chip. Our company, NationalLink, offers EMV upgrade kits for every ATM machine at a low price, technical support, and technicians that can come out to your location to ensure you are protected. NationalLink provides the resources that safeguard your business against the threats you cannot see.

Ensure your ATMs are a revenue source

Did you know that your ATMs also have the ability to operate as revenue machines for your business? The truth is that your patrons need cash to enjoy what your club has to offer. You have already created the demand for, and a method of supplying, cash. Therefore, you control how much your customers pay for to access that cash. By simply increasing the surcharge fee on your ATMs, even by as much as $0.50 per transaction, you can enjoy an upsurge in revenue. Since more money means more opportunities for your business, your increased cash flow allows you to invest in virtually any aspect of your business.
Processing with a company like NationalLink also means you get faster access to your cash, rapid settlements and full-service management including armored cash delivery, monitoring, forecasting, and management. This way, you can manage your money quickly and efficiently.

Christopher Tran is the Marketing Specialist for NationalLink. For more information on NationalLink, please call (909) 670.1900 x367 or visit

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