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ab 23steps drink23 steps to great bartending!

I can't guarantee you success in bartending because I don't know what your attitude is toward this profession. Do you like it a lot? Do you have a passion for bartending? But if you can execute to perfection my "23 steps to great bartending," you'll be way ahead of the other bartenders who did not read this article. And I'll guarantee you'll make more money than them! Best of luck to you.

She could be wearing this!

dt wearingthissmWhile club operators certainly don’t dress the entertainers at their venue, that doesn’t mean that they can’t point the girls in the right direction when it comes to what they wear on the floor and on the stage. In each issue, we will be highlighting the newest and hottest dancewear fashions, brands and accessories available to the industry’s entertainers.

The Top 11

dt top11imagesafety tips you need to survive as an exotic dancer

As a former exotic dancer,’s Jennifer McCumber knows all too well the safety issues associated with being a dancer in the adult nightclub industry. Following her 11 tips will help keep entertainers out of harm’s way.

Its not a can anymore!

bt stallSecrets from the stall

First Pick Valet provides first-class service to the most private area of your club—the restroom.
Do you know about everything that happens at your club?  Are you sure?  Have you checked the bathroom?


coolerGlastender and the tips for rocking a kick-ass bar

Certain bartenders refer to it as the “three-sink-system,” but to the rest of the viewing public it’s just flat-out gross.  You’ve seen it before; chances are, you may have even done it yourself:  dunk, dry, drink, and repeat.  Behind an otherwise clean mahogany lies three separate sinks filled with various states of liquid. Stage one is filled with soapy water; the second is clear (or the “rinse” cycle); and the third is the “clean” sink, wherein more water mixed with chemicals that sanitize each glass that comes into contact with it. 

Build wealth for tomorrow!

dt top5 nov12The top 5 things exotic dancers need to do tonight to build wealth for tomorrow

If cash is burning a hole in her G-string, this article from’s Jennifer McCumber will provide the five tips entertainers need to protect them from themselves and preserve their bank account.
It’s no secret that cash can burn a hole in your pocket—or your G-string!  As entertainers, you spend all night dancing in six-inch heels to make your money, so your subconscious tells you that you need to reward yourself by spending it … all. 

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