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Diva Syndrome

dt teamworksmTeamwork always trumps the “Diva Syndrome” -  
Working together is the key that allows everyone in the club to make a great living. So says Jennifer McCumber of, who discusses how maintaining relationships with each club staff member allowed her to enjoy a great deal of success as an entertainer.

The Top 10 Ways

dt attractto attract the best dancers to your club
What will motivate an entertainer to dance at one adult nightclub over another? If you think it’s as simple as going “where the money is,” think again.  According to’s Jennifer McCumber, there are 10 things clubs can do to make sure they—and not their competition—are attracting the top entertainers.

Top 10 mistakes

dancertipsThe Top 10 mistakes that entertainers make in your club — and what you can do to fix them.
Do the entertainers in your club spend all of their time complaining about their lives to customers?  Do they ignore “tip-out?”  Do they harass the “newbies?”’s Jennifer McCumber lists the 10 biggest mistakes entertainers make, and the solutions club operators can offer to eliminate them.

The Top 10 tips...

McCumber tips1The Top 10 tips for holding a great conversation with your new best customer

Sure, she can walk the walk—but can she talk the talk?  Being the hottest entertainer in the club doesn’t necessarily mean being the most successful.  As’s Jennifer McCumber explains, understanding the art of conversation can be the ultimate tool in an entertainer’s arsenal.

While it may seem very logical to suggest that beautiful entertainers are the most successful entertainers, this certainly isn’t always the case.  After all, there is a vast array of beautiful women traversing the stages and showrooms of clubs across the country. So to truly be successful, an entertainer has to be more than just a hot body in a G-string.

It’s back-to-school time again ...

tipsdancersmAccording to’s Jennifer McCumber, only five percent of a club’s entertainers are successful, “top earners.”
So what does that mean for the other 95 percent who, according to McCumber, add as little as 5-10 percent to your club’s bottom line? It means they can use a little attention, training and education.

TOP 10 ways

top101The TOP 10 ways to become a successful Exotic Dancer

Author and successful entertainer Jennifer McCumber of and the Freedom V system offers today’s exotic dancers a path to success.

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