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The lost art of seduction and hospitality

tips_marketing1Adult nightclubs have lost the “wow” factor, says club consultant David Boehm.  Here, the 30-year industry veteran offers five tips on how to get back on track.
s someone who’s been in the business for over 30 years, the one thing that I see clubs losing at a record pace is the “wow” factor and the ability to create a great first impression. When I first began working in the wonderful world of adult nightclubs, it was all about hospitality. That’s what brought back your “guests” on a daily and weekly basis

The art of closing the deal

tips_artdeal1You have a club full of customers wanting to buy a lap or couch dance—but do your entertainers know how to close the deal?  Here,’s Jennifer McCumber helps your dancers know how, and when, to score that private dance.

Say Yes!!!

customer_yesHow to get a customer to go from “No” to “Yes”
Without using bodily harm!
For entertainers, getting a customer to buy a private dance is rarely as easy as asking, “Wanna dance?”  There are subtle nuances to gaining a customer’s trust—and his money.’s Jennifer McCumber offers tactics that dancers can employ to seal the deal.

entertainers have an attitude

dancerstipSure, your entertainers have an attitude—but is it the right attitude?
Every entertainer wants to make more money. And usually, when an entertainer makes more money, so does the club.’s Jennifer McCumber stresses that it’s the entertainer’s attitude that will make all the difference, and offers some tips to help owner and managers shape those attitudes for success.

Burlesque Nuevo

TheBurlesqueWhat’s old is new again.  Burlesque, a form of exotic dancing that exemplifies the industry’s roots, is experiencing a newfound following in adult nightclubs and in mainstream culture.

Tradicion Azul Tequila

azulimageA new tequila brand is redefining the standard by which super premium tequilas are measured.  Meet 109-proof, ultra smooth Tradicion Azul, a new and ardent supporter of the gentlemen’s club industry, and the brand that wants to ensure all consumers have only good stories to tell after a night of tequila.

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