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Tradicion Azul Tequila

azulimageA new tequila brand is redefining the standard by which super premium tequilas are measured.  Meet 109-proof, ultra smooth Tradicion Azul, a new and ardent supporter of the gentlemen’s club industry, and the brand that wants to ensure all consumers have only good stories to tell after a night of tequila.

Take a Seat!

bar-stool-backWho sees more butts than your customers?  That’s right—barstools! But what kind of barstools will those butts like best?  Does durability outweigh comfort?  And how do you know you have the right barstools for your clientele?  Take a seat, relax, and read our Product Spotlight on barstools to find out the answers to these questions and more!

The “Eyes” Have It!

spyThough considered one of the most crucial areas of club security, it is also among the most hotly debated issues for clubs and their attorneys.

Rethinking and Redefining Wine

wine-pourA host of economic and social factors are rearranging the old paradigm of wine. No longer is quality dependent on...


cheerleaders-carpet1-007Under foot, but not out of sight
Now find out how to do it right
Think carpeting in your club isn’t noticed?  Think again!  In conjunction with our industry experts, we’ll tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about carpeting, from selection to installation to maintenance, and everything in between.   Don’t even think about upgrading your club’s carpeting until you read this ED spotlight!

The Games People Play

guypool1Billiards and Tabletops
Times are tough, folks. Of course you’ve noticed it. But it bears repeating, especially given the fact that it wasn’t until December 2, 2008, that the National Bureau of Economic Research, the unofficial arbiter of the U.S. economy, announced that the United States was indeed in a recession and had been so since December, 2007.
Thanks for the timely update.

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